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Providing excellent Customer Relationship Management is a key objective for Nala - Partners. We aim to build relationships with customers and partners that are based on the fulfilment of promises by delivering customer service responsibly, competent and with a personal touch.

Research has shown that small business often lack sales and marketing skills and have limited reach into markets outside their local area. Additionally, start-ups often do not have access to appropriate information management and telecommunications systems to manage their customer relationships as well as their business operation.

Nala – Partners have created the Customer Contact Centre to offer enrolled entrepreneurs support with their sales, marketing and Customer Relationship Management.
Screenshot from the shop area of the customer contact centre

Nala - Partners offer individual entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs associations with its Customer Contact Centre.
Enrolled entrepreneurs will have their own website and internet shop function providing a local - global market presence.
Nala - Partners will manage the customer service function based on industry standards of service excellence.

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