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Funding and Sponsorship

Nala - Partners for Entrepreneurship are a Non-Profit Section 21 Company (Registration No 2002/024639/08) with Tax Exemption, registered in South Africa. (NPO Registration No 029-098).

We are also registered as a Non-Profit Organization - Gemeinnuetziger Verein in Germany with Tax Exemption (Reg. No UR-Nr. 2436 fuer 2003AD)

Where possible Nala - Partners seek to generate self supporting income through mentoring services, advisory services and intercultural tourism events. However, sponsorship from corporations, individual donors and institutions remains integral to empowering small entrepreneurs and students from disadvantaged and educationally deprived communities to benefit from Nala - Partners support programs.

How can you contribute?

Please review our Opportunities for Engagement listings on the Nala - Partners website. Any small or larger contribution will make a significant difference. Whole or partial sponsorship of any project that appeals to you:

•  Becoming a patron for individual entrepreneurs, transformation leaders or student protégés
•  Contributing to Nala - Partners operating budget to continue our present program and engagements
•  Sponsorship of our Intercultural Dialog and Exposure Programs
•  In kind donations of discounts, equipment, events etc.

Contact by e-mail for more detailed information and specific project proposals or bank deposit details:

Cheques or online transfers to:

Nala – Partners for Entrepreneurship in South Africa
92 Highway Road
Fish Hoek 7975

Account: 620 524 59601 (current)
Branch Code: 202-309
Bank: FNB – Fish Hoek

Nala – Partners for Entrepreneurship in Germany:
Bank: PAX – BANK, Koeln
Account: 301 700 16
BLZ: 370 601 93

The Board of Trustees, staff and interns from Nala - Partners in South Africa and Germany thank you for your more-than-generous funding support, donations, individual gifts, discounts or goods and services; your time and advise, friendship and encouragement. Your support keeps us going:

Thank You!

Rosmarie Baumeister, Germany
Rudolph Houck, New York
David Drummond, Acer Computers, Johannesburg
Muzala Chiteta, Acer Computers, Johannesburg
Dr. Walther Leisler Kiep, Germany
Dr. Dieter Schmidt, Treumerkur GmbH, Germany
Condio GmbH, Germany
Hilde Belardi, Germany
F. + K.-G. Willand, Germany
GSB GmbH, Germany
Inco GmbH, Germany
H. Moldenhauer, Germany
C. Moldenhauer, Germany
Euro Tyre, B.V., Germany
J. Schlueschen, Germany
H. Fangmann, Germany
Pick'n Pay, Cape Town
Dr. U.Geising, Germany
Sabine Fetz, Germany
Ursula Fetz, Germany
Smart Web Elements, Germany
Compass Bakery, Fish Hoek, SA
Fruit & Vegs City, Fish Hoek, SA
Prof. Harald von Kortzfleisch, University Koblenz, Germany
Baerbel Storch, Germany
Hazel Jacobs, Cape Town
The Galley, Fish Hoek, SA
Prof. Dr. Norbert Szyperski
Barbara Brosius
Thomas Raueiser
Dr. Johannes Pfaefflin
Stephan & Ines Pucker
Steffen Seeger
Joerg Brandenburg
Erda Siebert
Hannelore Hocker
Dr. Dirk & Dr. Hewig Hogrefe
Consul Hans Ulrich Stork
Elisabeth Guenther
H. Sonntag

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