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The third service segment of Nala - Partners consists of programmes fostering relationship building within the global community as well as knowledge transfer and intercultural dialogue.
In supporting Nelson Mandela's vision of South Africa as a 'Rainbow Nation' Archbishop Tuto states: 'by endeavouring to integrate First and Third World populations, South Africa promises to be a role model and paradigm for the rest of the world'.
Nala - Partners offer to the international community opportunities to meet, to build relationships to engage and to learn. We view this intercultural dialogue as a multiplier of opportunities to foster community building in the global village and a chance to support international trade for South African entrepreneurs.

Nala - Partners offer custom tailored dialogue tourism programmes, opportunities for social engagements and knowledge exchange programmes. We believe that visitors to South Africa would like to enter into dialogue but often do not know how to. Nala - Partners programme on offer include:

•  Dialogue with township entrepreneurs custom tailored to the special interests of visiting entrepreneurs, teachers, MBA students, doctors or humanities practioners. 
•  Placing interns
•  Organising study tours, workshops and conferences
•  Creating opportunities to adopt a project, an entrepreneur or transformation leader.  

MBA study group from Kassel International Management School (KIMS):
10 day case study programme in the township of Masiphumelele, Western Cape
KIMS Consulting Team
Student from School for Social Work in Saarbruecken:
two week internship in pre-school programmes in various communities.
Student from School for Social Work in Saarbruecken
MBA student from Otto-Beisheim-Graduate School of Management in Koblenz WHU: three months internship with Nala - Partners.  

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