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Entrepreneurs who fulfill their vision create jobs and contribute to prosperity. Transformation leaders in all walks of life become role models that inspire others to excel, ranging from youth development to community initiatives as well as sports and the arts. Support for these leaders needs to be ongoing and committed.

A pool of talent exists within this country along with a reservoir of viable business ideas. We believe that rigorously evaluating new business concepts and carefully selecting and supporting entrepreneurs and tranformation leaders, successful new ventures can be created, thereby generating jobs, empowering those who strive for growth while creating profitable, sustainable enterprises.

Women are a driving force for economic development. They are amongst the most vulnerable in Southern African societies and yet at the same time they often bear responsibility for entire families.
Statistics show women's pivotal role as entrepreneurs and livelihood providers. Women comprise 60% of the informal (life sustaining) sector, including trade, providing 70% of total agricultural produce and 90% of food (United Nations ECA / World Bank, 2004).

Supporting African women through education, training as well as access to finance and technology will exponentially increase their productivity and take Africa a big step closer towards reaching its developmental potential.

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