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EDUCO HIV/Aids Programme

In order to ensure an effective and sustainable intervention, it is vital that tools and systems be established from the start, to gather baseline information and then to monitor and evaluate programme impact. This will give guidance as to how to continually refine and improve what is being provided for the youth, and make sure that all resources are being directed for maximum positive effect.

Phase One

The target group of high risk young people to be supported in their struggle to prevent HIV infection and learn to cope with the disease all around them in their daily living context will be the students enrolled in The Saturday School managed by ASSET. At present the group supported by ASSET comprises 2500 youngsters. This number could have been increased to 3500 in January 2005 when ASSET due to lack of capacity funding had to turn away 1000 young people who lined up through the night to register for a chance for a better life.

ASSET and EDUCO in partnership will, through focus groups drawn from these 2500 youngsters, provide workshops and experiential learning programmes that build at a much deeper level the life skills, self-knowledge and training needed to help them successfully make the transition out of high school. The aim is to channel these youngsters according to talent, interest and aspiration into specific leadership development tracks and, with the support of our funding partners, guide them to excel and by that become leaders and multipliers to other members of their communities.

Examples of such focus groups of ASSET-enrolled youth may include:

Leadership development - identification of leadership potential amongst students; specific guidance and training including an EDUCO Leadership Intensive experience in the wilderness

Sports and adventure - soccer, volleyball and other options offered for the youth to engage in as ongoing healthy activity. This aspect will build into a Soccer Mania, as part of a potential bilateral approach towards the German and South African world football events of 2006 and 2010.

Environment - those youth who express interest in deeper understanding of environmental issues will be enabled to study and explore first-hand in nature some of the critical sustainability and lifestyle issues facing us all.

•  Entrepreneurship and Livelihood - as a critical aspect in a country of staggering unemployment, youth will be introduced and encouraged towards creating their own livelihoods and creating jobs for others.

•  HIV/AIDS - all ASSET youth will participate in HIV/AIDS Education and Awareness workshops. Further educational and therapeutic interventions, including the wilderness experience, will be offered for those who are HIV-positive (voluntary disclosure) and HIV-affected by reason of parents or other family members dying of AIDS.

•  Community service - youth will be exposed to and encouraged towards the many opportunities that exist for them to provide meaningful service to help their own communities. A sense of contributive citizenship will be strengthened thereby.

•  Subject-specific focus - smaller interest groups will be formed at ASSET around specific matriculation study subjects. These will also provide a base for identifying potential leaders and noteworthy students for further opportunities during the Matric year and thereafter.

Focus group members, tutors and supporters of our funders will be able to participate in challenging week-long wilderness adventure courses. This unique experience not only offers participants a deeply rewarding journey into the breathtaking wilderness of South Africa's mountain terrain, it also offers a deeply moving experience of empowerment, personal leadership/direction and (intercultural) dialogue.

ASSET Saturday School
ASSET Saturday School

Phase Two

From the second half of their Matric year with ASSET, a process of screening and identifying students for post-school options will take place, so that they avoid falling into the great big hole of unemployability that so many do, even once they achieve their high school pass. These options will include:

Tertiary Education (University degrees and professional careers)
ASSET presently provides bursaries for 50 alumni of the Saturday School to be able to study at Universities or Technicons.

Tsiba Education College business degrees
The newly launched Cape Town campus of this excellent tertiary programme will provide no-cost access to high quality business administration qualification. EDUCO already provides leadership development to all first-year students enrolled at Tsiba, and there are ASSET graduates who part of Tsiba's 2005 first student intake.

Apprentice Training ( Handwerkliche Ausbildung) and Learnerships
ASSET jointly with other supporters (to be determined) is proposing to explore the collaboration with apprentice training schools to also open on Saturdays and offer skills training tutorials (Saturday School expansion). Students will be informed and directed towards the many Learnerships supported by government throughout the sectors, which ensure training, work experience and financial compensation after Matric.

•  Entrepreneurship Development (business start-up or livelihood creation)
Nala - Partners for Entrepreneurship in collaboration with other partners (to be determined) proposes to offer business start-up and management tutorials to youngsters during the weekend (Saturday School expansion).

•  Sports (football and volleyball)
ASSET presently employs a sports coach who already provides football coaching to boys and girls from the Saturday School. This programme could be expanded with the support of our funders. The South African Olympics women's beach volleyball team members have offered to conduct volleyball clinics for boys and girls and assist with managing the sports programme. This could lead towards employability in the sports coaching field.

•  Community Development and Service
EDUCO's Youth Service Programme selects unemployed youth from poor communities who have achieved Matric but not found employment. Over 18 months they are trained for a recognized qualification as a Community Development Practitioner, and assisted into jobs and/or income generation.

EDUCO's Youth Service Programme
EDUCO's Youth Service Programme

Programme Management

Nala - Partners propose to enter into a strategic partnership with our donors and sponsors. The purpose of the partnership consists of Nala - Partners functioning as the local management partner, responsible for planning and implementing the social responsibility programmes for international donors to this team project in South Africa.

Nala-Partners - HIV/Aids Prevention Programme
Nala - Partners were established in 2002 in South Africa and Germany. Operating as a non-profit (section 21) company and as a trust, Nala - Partners develop and implement projects aimed at meaningful social engagement. We offer our members and partners opportunities to engage in sustainable business development, transformation leadership and intercultural dialogue.

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