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Oppotunities for Engagement Opportunities for engagement
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Opportunities for Engagement

An Overview of current and planned projects

This proposal has been developed for potential strategic partners, project partners or individual champions of Nala - Partners. The proposal is structured as follows:

Our mission, beliefs and capabilities

Opportunities for engagement

Why support Nala - Partners


Nala is the Zulu word for prosperity. We believe that prosperity is promoted through empowering people, and this is reflected in our mission statement.

Our mission is to serve, to lead - supporting African women entrepreneurs and transformation leaders in their quest to succeed.

We believe that entrepreneurs and transformation leaders are essential drivers for prosperity and humanity. Successful entrepreneurs do more than create jobs; they inspire other entrepreneurs by being transformation leaders.

We deliver on our mission and beliefs through a combination of our organizational capability and our programs.

Nala Board
Our organizational capability combines a small executive team with a carefully selected and committed board as well as interns and volunteers. The executive team and the board are composed of successful international entre-preneurs, business managers, and NGO administrators. Please see our website for more details:


Recognizing that entrepreneurship is an indispensable prerequisite for an increasingly globalize and competitive economy and that South Africa, because of its history needs much support in this regard, we have created a range of opportunities for patrons and partners to share in our work through becoming:

A strategic partner

Opportunities for engagement

Why support Nala - Partners

Strategic Partners:

As a strategic partner we will assist you by developing and managing your social responsibility engagement in South Africa. The following is an example of the scope and content of a strategic partnership:

For the past two years Nala - Partners have successfully co-opera- ted with Smart Web Elements on supporting small entrepreneurs with a local - global internet presence.

Smart Web Elements is specialized in developing concepts and trade specific solutions for business companies in the new media sector.
The firm created a state of the art customer contact centre (CCC) enabling small businesses who could not afford such services on their own.
Smart Web Elements

Smart Web Elements developed for these entrepreneurs an internet shop system, websites and a customer service (call centre) function. For all work performed Smart Web Elements donates 33% of their fee to the uplifting of South African small businesses.

Project Partners:

As a project partner you can choose to become involved across one or more of the following projects, which are described in detail on the following pages.

Focus Areas for Engagement

Nala Project Partners


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