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Opportunities for Engagement in Entrepreneurship Development

Nala - Partners assist qualified entrepreneurs who have the potential for success and thus impact on job creation with the following services: development of a business plan and a customer care strategy combined with ongoing business development mentoring. We also seek to provide small amounts of start-up financing for select entrepreneurs.

We have already had success in this area with start-ups like Afrika Ablaze, SMDS Fast Food Business, The African Art Factory, Makaula Health and Beauty Products and The Sisters of Africa.

There are several ways in which partners and patrons can become involved with our Entrepreneurship Development Project:

Opportunities for Project Partners and Individual Patronage

Opportunity: Sponsoring the Nala - Partners Mentorship Program:

During the first quarter of 2005 we created a detailed business development and mentoring guide. Based on this methodology we are presently mentoring 12 small businesses / start-ups, their founders and team members as well as several corporate executives (intrapreneurs). The detailed mentoring guide has been added as an appendix. We work with enrolled entrepreneurs through three stages of mentoring:

Business Mentoring Stages

We seek project partners and funding to continue with our mentoring service. Additionally, we plan to expand our business development and mentoring service to include additional entrepreneurs, for example:

The Eastern Cape Rural Women's Co-operatives:

The South African government has acknowledged the importance of rural economic development. The wave of rural migration to the big cities since 1994 has lead to massive shortages of proper housing and jobs. The ever increasing shack dwellings near major towns represent a potentially explosive and untenable situation. Government has taken action to support rural areas economic development in order to stem the flood of people to the cities.
Nala - Partners want to support select entrepreneurs, such as the Cala Agricultural Co-Operative with business development mentoring and by creating linkages to international supporters.
The Cala group plans to develop farm land that has not been used for years into growing suitable vegetables, corn and grains. The group needs start-up financing, access to a tractor, the drilling of a bore hole (water supply), fertilizers, seeds and other supplies. Some of the women have farming experience. We are seeking co-financing and expert farming advice from local government sources as well.

Co-Operation with the South African Women Entrepreneur Network - SAWEN:

SAWEN is a South African National Network organization that facilitates and monitors the socio-economic advancement of women entrepreneurs and their positive impact on the country's economy. SAWEN supports the success and growth of women-owned and managed small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMES) by facilitating access to relevant resources and support. SAWEN receives the patronage of the dti (department of trade and indistry) and of President Thabo Mbeki. Nala - Partners plan to provide mentoring support to select women entrepreneurs especially with regard to 'Football 2010' opportunities. We seek funding from project partners for the duration of one year.

Continuation of our existing Business Development and Mentoring Program

Nala - Partners plan to continue with support for presently served small entrepreneurs. Some examples are:

8-Eita fashionable t-shirts for Christian Youth, CC:

8-Eita fashionable t-shirts for Christian Youth, CC
8eita is a closed corporation (cc) that plans to market fashionable religious t-shirts to young people with a Christian outlook. Preliminary research has shown that a market exists for selling smart and modern-design religious t-shirts. 8eita will design t-shirt that appeal to young people with positive Christian phrases that emphasizes the liberty that comes with being grounded into something so solid and true. We have researched the Cape Town WC market by speaking to young people after church, during social club meetings and by speaking to a network of friends and acquaintances. There is a demand for these t-shirts because many young people are not ashamed of celebrating and embracing their faith. Provide start-up funding for design and production and mentoring for six months.

Nomthunzi Tourism, Masiphumelele, CC:

Nomthunzi Tourism, Masiphumelele, CC
This small firm in the township of Masiphumelele has been operating for four years now. Charlotte, the owner plans to build a small house which will become the first restaurant for visitors in this township. Additionally a fast food outlet will be created as income stream during low tourism seasons. The house will also become a B&B and serve as meeting place for community women to receive group mentoring. We seek to co-operate with other donors on building this business.

PremierIntelliAnswer, CC:

This is a start-up call centre business, founded by a young African woman who has substantial experience as a call centre agent and as an outsourcing provider to the electrical utility ESKOM. This small firm wants to offer call centre services to small entrepreneurs as well as established business. The call centre sector is being viewed as a high growth industry for South Africa. It is modelled after the successful take off of this industry in India. The firm seeks operating capital (cash flow assurance) for six months until sufficient revenues from new paying customers can be achieved.
We seek a funding for a repayable loan and support for mentoring. The company's computer and communications systems have been set up and are operational.


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