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Opportunity: "Learn and Earn" - False Bay College:

Learn and Earn - False Bay College
The Nordhoek Campus is one of four campuses of False Bay College in the South Peninsula. A few years ago the communities of Masiphumelele, Ocean View and Redhill identified the need for skills training in the surrounding townships as a priority. The Nordhoek Valley Training Centre (today known as False Bay College, Nordhoek Campus) was established with a grant of R2 million from the City of Cape Town. Training began in mid 1998 to provide education and techno- preneurial skills programmes. These include, amongst others, Childcare Level, Pottery, Catering and Hospitality, Bricklaying, Plastering, Carpentry, Clothing Production, Educare, Computer Practice and Home Management.

The skills training courses include business skills training and a period in a production unit where the students can practice and master the skills learned and earn at the same time. After the production unit phase the students can seek employment, continue their studies or create their own businesses.

The campus was recently awarded eleven learnerships (Ausbildung - Lehre) for the National Certificate of Craft Production by the government services office. After completion of this six months training program at the end of the 2005, the learners will chose whether to seek a job or start their own business. Those choosing entrepreneurship will move into the Nordkoek business incubator houses and start producing while receiving mentoring support. They will learn how to manage their business and money and how to market and handle customer relationship management while already producing goods for sale.

False Bay College
Nala - Partners have been affiliated with False Bay College for two years in an advisory capacity for international marketing and customer service. We plan to collaborate on the Learn and Earn program with the college and provide the following support:

A stipend for the eleven learners for three month to complete their training.

Business development men-toring for their business start-up

Marketing and customer contact management support and exposure to the market place

Supporters will contribute to job creation and the creation of role models for other potential entrepreneurs. We offer interested visitors participation in any form they wish.

Opportunity: TSiBA College Entrepreneurship Development

TSiBA is an innovative educational institution (college) with a holistic educational and leadership development philosophy. TSiBA offers Bachelor of Business Administration degrees, which are equal in quality as those obtained from an A rated university. TSiBA's holistic approach, modelled after their innovative sister college CIDA in Johannesburg, focuses on development in six competency areas: Business Knowledge, Career Management, Self Development, Leadership and Community Development, Entrepreneurship and Scaffolding (a continuous support system).

TSiBA College Entrepreneurship Development
Nala - Partners serve on TSiBA's Entrepreneurship Task Force helping to develop an entrepreneurship training programme. Additionally, we envisage supporting selected young students with our EXPOSURE Program and mentoring young entrepreneurs with their business start up while enrolled at the college. Additionally, we are exploring with TSiBA how the internet shop system can be utilized to create for profit businesses and serve as a learning site for students.


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