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Opportunity: Internet Shop System and Market Exposure

They lack sales and marketing skills

Their reach to markets is limited; they lack exposure

They have no appropriate IT and telecommunications facilities

They need help with customer relationship management

With the support of Smart Web Elements in Germany, Nala - Partners have developed an internet shop system prototype which is fully functional and will be offered to small entrepreneurs in the third quarter 2005. We are presently seeking a call centre partner, possibly PremierInteliAnswer, who will manage the customer contact function including handling customer inquiries, problem management and tracking orders to delivery.

We also plan to interlink the entrepreneurs sales and marketing plan as well as back office management system (such as accounting, order- and invoice management) with the shop system. We are presently conducting prototype demos to various interested parties such as women entrepreneurs associations, educational institutions which support entrepreneurship development and individual small businesses.

The functional components that make these solutions possible are:

Functional conponents

We seek funding to set up the customer service function and operational start-up beginning in September 2005. The internet shop system is already functional. Enrolled entrepreneurs need to provide details on their business and products which will be implemented on the shop system together with a website for each entrepreneur. We presently seek to link the shop system with an existing small call centre for customer relationship management (sales and marketing support, inquiry and problem management and order fulfillment as well as after care).

Internet Shop System


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