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Intercultural Dialogue

Nala - Partners view intercultural dialogue as the opportunity for relationship building, matching creative interests and skills to jointly develop meaningful and productive new ventures. Organizations and individuals in other cultures have much to offer in terms of knowledge, experience and financial support. Many are looking for opportunities to engage in alleviating poverty and empowering communities that seek to prosper. Nala - Partners offer a variety of ways to engage ranging from personal patronage and small contributions to substantial resource commitments. The following is an overview of such opportunities.

Intercultural Dialogue and Exposure Projects

Opportunity: Developing and Fostering Transformation Leaders

Leadership is an essential component of innovation, transformation and prosperity. We define Transformation Leaders as those individuals who through their commitment and impact set examples for others to dare and aspire. We offer opportunities for engagement in Education, Sports, Arts & Culture and HIV/Aids Prevention.


The ASSET - Saturday School supports young people from townships who wish to excel, with educational tutoring to reach matric (Abitur). The Saturday School presently provides educational tutoring for 2500 young people annually who live in the impoverished townships and informal settlements surrounding Cape Town.

Intercultural Dialogue and Exposure Projects
Jointly with ASSET, Nala - Partners aim to provide an oasis where young people can take stock of themselves and the world around them, take measures assume responsiblility for managing their lifes and begin to make appropriate and meaningful decisions for the future.

We offer visitors and sponsors the opportunity to give guest lectures, to meet the students and their families in their homes, sharing stories and life experiences. Supporters can have direct impact for select youngsters, form relationships with them (patronage), offer them ongoing mentoring (e-mail, letters or phone calls) and follow their development. We welcome financial support in the form of sponsorship for stipends and to increase the Saturday School's outreach

Sports: Volleyball Coaching Clinics Supported by the Sisters of Africa

Starting with a dream, huge courage and great passion, The Sisters of Africa, Leigh- Ann Naidoo and Julia Willand, an interracial beach volleyball team, decided in 2002 to represent the continent of Africa at the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004.

Sisters of Africa - Olympic Beach Volleyball Team
Nala - Partners supported them all the way with encouraging them to pursue their dream (empowerment); with financial support to practice and prepare, with strategic planning (goal setting and work life balance) and with ongoing mentoring for two years. Overcoming huge obstacles while keeping the dream alive, the Sisters proudly represented South Africa at the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004.

Today, The Sisters of Africa are committed to working with young people in poor communities. The Sisters of Africa are impressive transformation leaders and role models. Their goal is to provide opportunities and exposure to disadvantaged young people for participating in sports and recreational activities. Two volleyball coaching clinics have been conducted during 2004 with township youth from Masiphumelele. For 2005/6 we seek funding and patrons to conduct ongoing sports development clinics including volleyball and football for boys and girls.

Football - 2010 World Championship in South Africa

South Africa is preparing for the football world championship in 2010. There is much news coverage and young people are brimming with excitement. We want to create opportunities for participation. Football coaching clinics township tournaments are planned for young people from poor communities so that they can engage in healthy recreational activity.

Football - 2010 World Championship in South Africa
This aspect will build into the Football Mania, as part of a bilateral approach towards the German and South African world football events of 2006 and 2010. We will organize weekend matches and coaching clinics in the townships of Langa, Guguletho and Kayelitsha. We seek sponsors and funding for these events and offer you to participate.

Example: EDUCO Leadership Development Courses for Young People at Risk

EDUCO organizes weeklong outdoor adventure and wilderness exploration programs, which have had a strong impact on youth development and HIV/Aids prevention. Selected young African participants from lowincome, high-risk communities will join with visitors and supporters, allowing for quality interaction throughout the process. This is an opportunity for visitors to be inspired, deeply moved, and to share of your own wisdom and worldview under starry African skies.

Intercultural Dialogue and Exposure Projects
The programs are held in the Groot Winterhoek Wilderness Reserve, Cederberg Mountains near Cape Town. Activities include a journey through the vineyards, mountain hiking, camping in the wild, dialogue, storytelling by the fireside, star gazing and a taste of EDUCO's African Wilderness methodology.

Example: Working with Township Entrepreneurs

Working with Township Entrepreneurs
Working with Township Entrepreneurs
Nala - Partners offer custom tailored projects to visiting entrepreneurs, teachers, MBA students or anyone interested to share their life's experience. The participants can choose to adopt specific projects, individuals or businesses according to their interests, enter into a mentoring relationship with individual entrepreneurs, maintaining a dialogue via email, monitor the development and offer support where needed (e.g. equipment, contacts, facilitating training overseas, or similar).

A group of German MBA students helped Masiphumelele entrepreneurs develop marketing brochures, designed a website for them and introduced them to potential customers in Germany. In turn the MBA students conducted a case study on township entrepreneurship.

Cultural Tourism Programs for International Conference

Cultural Tourism Programs for International Conference
Participants Example: In December 2006 the University of Cape Town will conduct an international conference on trans-generational memory and healing through dialogue and reconciliation, celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission - TRC (Wahrheitsfindungs- Kommission). Participation from Germany are a key target group of participants of the conference.
Nala - Partners will organize a complementary cultural tourism program for international participants including township visits, meetings with participants in the TRC (Wahrheitsfindungskommission) and Victims of Apartheid, as well as community projects that focus on reconciliation and trips into the beautiful natural surroundings of Cape Town.

Wonders of nature in South Africa
Wonders of nature in South Africa
Foreign visitors have the opportunity to share their knowledge and advice, learn from the African people they meet about a world very different to theirs and experience the South African culture in a real environment, often inaccessible to tourists.
We would also assist visitors in planning a very special trip through the wonders of nature in South Africa.


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