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The Nala - Partners EXPOSURE Program

South Africa is bustling with positive energy, eager to develop business opportunities and undertake social transformation to create a new paradigm. There is hope for an integrated society and for sustainable and distributed economic prosperity. South Africans are known for their friendliness, tenacity, enormous creativity and risk taking and a willingness to work hard.

While the spirit and passion to excel exist, change is often hampered by a lack of exposure. During our three years of operation we have often encountered small community entrepreneurs as well as young people, studying hard for their career advancement who know little about the world they want to succeed in.

Example Xoliswa:

She lives in a small shack in a township near Cape Town. Her tiny makeshift house is cramped with other family members. Xoliswa attends the local township High School and wants to reach Matric (Abitur). Xoliswa has a dream: She wants to study business and one day own a nice house with a garden like she sees in magazines sometimes. Xoliswa is passionate about her goals and in addition to daily school. She also attends the "Saturday School", a weekend tutorial program to help her get good grades so that she will be accepted by a university. She has no free time to play or go to the movies (aside from their being none in her townships). After school each day, Xoliswa works in her house, she feeds kids, makes dinner, cleans, and washes whatever it takes to keep the family going. Only at night does she have time to study. With a flashlight in hand she hovers on her side of a shared bed, her face brimming with determination.

Townships near Cape Town
Xoliswa has not seen much of Cape Town even though it's just around the corner. She once went with the church bus to the District Six Museum. She has never been in a bank, a restaurant, a hotel, any business office or the university. Even though she will reach Matric, she has little knowledge of the world that awaits her, something her future classmates take completely for granted. They move with ease in and around Cape Town, their families have taken them to holidays, to offices, restaurants or parks. Even though Xoliswa is very intelligent and very disciplined about her work, she has a major disadvantage that will cause her insecurities and discomfort when mingling with her new peers and preparing for class presentations. She lacks EXPOSURE.

Often we have experienced the same phenomenon with small community entre- preneurs. They make beautiful crafts items but have never seen a store where their crafts are sold; they have not seen the homes or any place where their items are intended to be decorative enhancements. They don't have much dialogue with their customers and so don't really know what people want, especially foreign visitors.

The Nala - Partners EXPOSURE Program addresses the needs of young students and small entrepreneurs for having opportunities to experience the world beyond their community and learn how to live and work and move around with self confidence and ease. We seek sponsorship and patronage funding to support the overall EXPOSURE program or to adopt a specific student or entrepreneur. Any donation small or large will have a significant impact.

Township near Cape Town Nala - Partners EXPOSURE Program

Other opportunities for Sponsorship of the EXPOSURE Program are:

Market and Business Exposure:

African pottery - Bowl

Promoting products made by small community entrepreneurs in international trade fairs, Christmas Bazaars or retail shops

Matching interested visitors who share their knowledge and expertise

Organizing participation in trade shows, touring shops and markets

African pottery - Cup and Pot   African pottery - Plates

Nature and the Environment:

Nature Enviroment

A visit to the beach and learning about the ocean

A hike into the fynboss moun- tains

Joining a wilderness leader- ship development program

And so much more


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