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Sisters of Africa cc

Leigh-Ann Naidoo and Julia Willand are South Africa’s leading women’s beach volleyball team.

Starting with a dream, huge courage and great passion, they embarked two years ago on representing the continent of Africa at the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004.
South Africa Women's Beach Volleyball Champions

Nala – Partners supported them all the way financially and with mentoring.
With the financial and mentoring support of Nala - Partners and help from friends and family the team spent the last two years preparing to qualify for the Olympic Games in Athens 2004.

Overcoming huge obstacles while keeping the dream alive, the Sisters proudly represented South Africa at the Olympics.

Visit their website at

Africa Ablaze Transformation through Dance - cc
Managing Director: Glenda Jones

Starting four years ago with 10 young people in the Wynberg CT community, Africa Ablaze has grown to 130 dancers, some of them choreographers now, performing at major events in the country.

Africa Ablaze - Transformation through Dance
Everyone is welcome to join as long as they have the passion to excel. Nala - Partners have supported the group for two years and also introduced European donors and supporters.

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