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Our Mission
To serve to lead – Supporting South African women entrepreneurs in their quest to succeed.

Our Focus
African women entrepreneurs are viewed as key for growth and economic development. A pool of talent exists in South Africa along with a reservoir of valuable and innovative business ideas. By thoroughly evaluating new business concepts and carefully selecting and supporting entrepreneurs and transformation leaders, successful new ventures can be created, generating income and jobs and through that making a contribution to alleviating poverty.

Support in terms of securing start-up funding, training, leadership development and business mentoring is critical and needs to be ongoing. Balancing optimism and entrepreneurial zest with a disciplined and methodical approach to research, business planning and positioning for long-term growth are essential and require systematic mentoring support.

Our Expertise

We are passionate about entrepreneurship development and our track record

•  Over 20 years international business development consulting and mentoring in Europe, USA and Asia Pacific
•  Implemented business development programs for global corporations as well as local business start ups
•  Conducted intercultural organizational development and team building workshops for upper management of multi-national companies and institutions
•  We are specialists in developing international customer relationship management programs as well as related training and mentoring
•  Our experience in mentoring and coaching, inter-cultural competency building and business facilitation spans diverse cultures and companies
•  In South Africa, we guided the business planning process to the completion of a qualified business or strategic plan for 15 entrepreneurs and transformation leaders
•  We secured early stage financing for 7 participants and have been mentoring all of them throughout.
•  We developed proven business planning and mentoring tools, which have been introduced to the market place.
•  We secured significant early stage financing for start-ups over the past two years.

Our Methodology

We have devised an integrated business mentoring program, which is comprised of three major stages of business development support:

Business Mentoring Stages

For each module, a set of selection criteria and/or key performance indicators have been identified and serve as mentoring guidelines.

The following graphics show key mile stones to be achieved during each stage of the business development and mentoring process.

Business Mentoring

Business Mentoring

The mentoring process can commence at any stage of the entrepreneur-ship support cycle. Additionally, entrepreneurs may need special support with specific business applications such as Customer Contact Management; Sales Planning, Personal Development or Financial Planning and Reporting.

For each milestone during the business planning cycle, in-depth support modules exist for very focused support.

The following shows a basic business planning guideline, which we introduce to potential first time entrepreneurs in support of their business plan development. The guidelines consist of several modules with increasing complexity.

A second example of in-depth support is the development of a sales strategy combined with a sales implementation and management plan.

Business Planning Guidelines

Sales Planning Model

Early Stage Financing

Most business start-ups require some form of seed capital whether it is a bank loan or angel capital (private equity). Nala – Partners have provided start-up financing to several small entrepreneurs in the form of grants and repayable loans. We are also considering share holding positions in business start-ups.
Therefore, in parallel to the business development and mentoring support, Nala – Partners will seek to provide funding through its own resources or introduce qualified candidates to other funding sources.

Managing for Growth requires special attention to managing multiple relationships within the organization as well as externally. The following two graphics list the key milestones for business mentoring during phase three followed by a mentoring model for managing complex relationships.

Business Mentoring

Management Development

Our experience has shown that management development is a key prerequisite for success. Especially important for women entrepreneurs are self awareness and self confidence, leadership development and complex relationship management.

Relationship Management Model

Progress Evaluation

The business mentoring program follows a well defined mentoring process as shown below. This approach ensures that clear objectives and timelines are set to measure progress made.

The Business mentoring Process

Nala – Partners Reference Projects

South African Transformation Leaders
A two year mentoring process guiding South Africa’s women’s beach volleyball team from national champions to qualifying for and participating in the 2004 Olympic Games.
Created long-term success strategy
Developed self confidence and achievement goals
Worked on empowerment and leadership development
Facilitated inter-racial / intercultural communication

Support for International Crafts Trade House Business

Assisted with the development of the sales implementation plan
Presently supporting General Manager with ongoing business mentoring
Support sales team with business and sales skills coaching

Start-up support for Fast Food Business in the Eastern Cape

Reviewed business plan
Secured early stage financing
Ongoing mentoring to achieve profitability and growth

Major European ICT Corporation

Support global business expansion

Conducted management workshops to define goals, global structure and roll-out strategy
Performed market and business culture analysis, developed entry strategies and conducted due diligence on acquisition targets
Developed global customer strategy (segmentation, sales, account management, CRM and channel plans)
Provided ongoing executive mentoring & coaching

Global Media Enterprise

Within two years several major global acquisitions and divestitures were undertaken. Management wanted to develop a global corporate culture and talent retention program (‘People Matter’).
Remit: conduct management workshops and executive coaching

Designed workshop series for global HR managers to define current and desired state. Jointly developed key elements of global corporate culture as well as talent retention program incorporating
relevant elements of work-life balance

Global Financial Institution

Global expansion program required restructuring of local / central business management approach. A second task consisted of developing new multi-cultural customer contact and CRM strategy.

Performed current and desired state analysis
Developed central service provider (P&L) to supply internal customers worldwide
•  Managed & mentored multicultural team to implement new CRM platform

The Nala – Partners Mentoring Team

Elke Geising
Before creating Nala - Partners for Entrepreneurship in South Africa and Germany, Ms. Geising was a founding member and owner of two internationally operating management consulting firms, Pendulum Management Partnership in London and prior to that GIGA - Geising International Global Alliance Partners, based in New York and Cologne, with alliance partners in London and Paris.
Elke's business experience includes providing advisory services and undertaking private equity investments in early stage companies in Europe; international business development consulting and customer relationship management, supporting companies of all sizes with their local - international business expansion. Mentoring and change management were major components of all project assignments. Prior to creating her own businesses, Ms. Geising held management positions with USA based international telecommunications companies.
Ms. Geising earned her Masters degree in Psychology from the University of Düsseldorf, Germany. She was a Faculty Member at the University of Zürich, Switzerland. Elke received her technical training in data communication (IP-networking) technologies and corporate network design in the United States.

Hazel Jacobs
Hazel is a specialist in financial and administrative planning and reporting adhering to good governance parameters and regulatory guidelines. Hazel has spent many years as Director of Finance and Administration for public sector organizations (NGO’s) and also as an independent consultant working with SME’s on developing efficient financial structures, planning and reporting tools. Additionally, Hazel has extensive mentoring and training experience guiding team members of small and medium size organizations towards professional administrative and financial management.

Julia Willand, Associate
Julia Willand, Associate Member of the South African Women's Beach Volleyball Team (Sisters of Africa), representing South Africa during 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece. Julia offers mentoring support for goal setting, motivation, work-life balance and leadership development. Julia operates her own consulting business specializing in market entry advisory services and coaching for success. Julia is a founding member of Nala - Partners and presently serves on the Board as Director Intercultural Dialogue. Julia is a qualified attorney under German law and a legal adviser and registered immigration practitioner in South Africa.

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