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Nala Partners Operational Plan 2005

We feel validated by the passionate statement of Germany's Federal President, who during his inauguration speech in 2004 stated:

Our commitment to humanity will be measured in how we contribute to the blossoming of Africa. In my view it is a question of self respect and a mandate for us Europeans to engage with honesty and generosity of spirit.
We owe it to the continent of Africa in light of our beliefs and values and especially our history.

(Paraphrasing President Koehler's inauguration speech).

Nala - Partners therefore will continue with their approach of providing in-depth and ongoing support for entrepreneurs and transformation leaders thus contributing to prosperity and transformation. During 2005 we seek to increase our impact by supporting additional entrepreneurs directly and by forming partnerships with other groups such as educational institutions, community development organisations and international groups in order to create a significant multiplier effect.

We also plan to increase our activities with regard to intercultural dialogue and international knowledge exchange offering specific programmes to individuals and targeted communities of interest.

For our supporters we will offer a range of possibilities for engagement including strategic alliances, project partnerships as well as patronage of individual entrepreneurs, transformation leaders or special events.

During the long and traumatizing years of Apartheid, people's sense of self worth, self esteem and their access to professional training and business opportunities were thoroughly suppressed or destroyed. Therefore, well focused educational support and personal development programmes, including coaching for aspiring young students as well as community entrepreneurs are very much needed.

Our new EXPOSURE programme offers many opportunities for simple but -effective learning, as well as personal and leadership development. This can mean for example, taking young students to a bank or restaurant for the first time in their life. We take this for granted as part of our daily routine. For these students and small entrepreneurs it means exposure to the world they want to excel in but know little about. They need exposure to succeed.

Nala - Partners have assembled an overview of opportunities for engagement in a separate document. The following sections provide an overview of current as well as planned projects.

The Nala - Partners budget for the fiscal year 2005-06 as well as an impact statement will be available to potential supporters.


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